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While the world rapidly moves toward technology, social media, and work…. We are reminded of the precious gift of life that is all around us. So we have decided to try and make our daily focus, to try and help shift the mindset the world has built around what our lives should be. Because the truth is, your life should  be whatever you want it to be. 


We have been lucky enough to realize that the expectations put on us, and our generation (along with every other generation) are what lead us into jobs we hate, unsafe and unloving relationships, depression, hate, confusion, and a desire to always have something more. The expectations we put on others and receive from society hurt us, it doesn't help us. Now we have been blessed beyond measure to be able to step out and build a life around the things that make us happy, rather than around the desire for money, things, and reputation. 


Our purpose behind this is to be real, honest, and to encourage you to live a life that brings you true joy, peace, and recognition. Recognition that there is more to life than a house and a car. That those things aren’t bad in themselves, but when our lives become built around getting those things, we no longer live, we survive. 


So check out some of our posts and join the journey we are on, to build a life that brings joy, peace, and happiness not only to us, but to the lives of the people around us. 

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