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wilderness journals

when we're in the wild, our minds are opened & our eyes are lifted, we're more in touch with our creator & ourselves than anywhere else. It gives us an opportunity to rest in our thoughts and write them down. we've decided to start a series sharing our writings from these times in hopes that you'd catch a glimpse into what these places mean, and be inspired to get out and enjoy them

Bryce Canyon; before the sunrise

" 'I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of heaven'

awake before the sun, listening to the still of the morning. watching the sun turn from a shimmer behind the trees, to a force that lights the entire sky in a matter of minutes. I sit in silence, enjoying my thoughts, my dreams, understanding nothing, but receiving everything. there are often moments where our own 'understanding' leads us into moments of discomfort, of stress, of a need for action, and pulls us out of the peace that God calls us into. These moments in the morning, where there's nobody else, there's nothing but the buzz of the distant highway & the sound of the day rising, you get to see, for a brief moment, the peace of God placed before your eyes. where no amount of understanding can draw you away, no amount of stress can rid of the silence.. a peace and a knowing that says, 'I dont know but I believe'. these moments are the moments I long for. the moments of silence, solitude, and realization of a greater being. today I will trek 6 miles through hoodoos in a place that feels like a different planet. I'll see God in ways I've never seen him. I'll see the earth for something I never have. Each step, each day, getting a glimpse of the bigger picture. falling further into the wonder of the greatest representation of Christ and his kingdom that we have. the wonder of nature is one that surpasses all understanding, and brings peace to weary hearts. I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of heaven."

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