• Josh Wells

Why Everyone Needs To See The National Parks

When we said we were going on a National Park road trip for our honeymoon, we got one of two responses. Either "thats amazing" or "you're gonna sleep in a tent on your honeymoon?".

What we found is that most of the people we know have either never visited a National Park, OR went to one when they were little but don't remember much about it. So many people don't understand what it is that we actually got to do and experience, and we firmly believe that everyone, before they die, needs to visit a few parks and see what the world has to offer, so here is why you need to go!

The problem I think for most people is that we don't actually even know what National Parks really are so we don't think of going, and the truth is, it's really hard to understand until you actually visit some of these incredible places, but we're going to try and help explain why this is a MUST for everyone before they die.

As the U.S. rapidly grew, John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt and a few other guys recognized the need to protect some of the most sacred places in the United States, and so they established the National Park System. These places are quite literally the most beautiful and unique pieces of our country. Things that you can see nearly nowhere else in the country, and many of which you can't see anywhere else in the world. They explored vast expanses of open land and built a program around protecting it so that today and 100 or 1,000 years from now, our technological and economical development won't tarnish the natural beauty that the earth has to offer. More than anywhere else, these places are both massive & microscopic, both loud & silent, both familiar & completely foreign, and beautiful beyond measure.

For us, this month on the road was the most humbling experience of our lives. Waking up in these places each day allows and helps you to see the world in all its beauty. You begin to understand just how small and insignificant we are as individuals, but also get a glimpse at the reality of the power we have when we stand together. Unfortunately that power, on a trip like this, is seen through much of the destruction we have caused to the planet, rather than the beautiful things we have done, but it's a perspective that we all need to see and understand. It gave us a view of the world that is so much more appreciative, and brought us to actually see the world for what it is, rather than continue to live our lives numbed to the beauty all around us. Against what most (including us) would imagine would happen, seeing these incredible places has actually helped us see the beauty in our everyday lives. In the city, in the suburbs, at the beach, whatever it may be, we are able to recognize and see a lot more of the beauty around us since we went on that trip. It's made life more real, more joyful, and more purposeful. We recognize how green the trees are, we recognize the power of the wind, the importance of the rain, the regenerative and healing power of the sun, the complex nature of the ground beneath our feet, the language of the birds and squirrels, and the harmony that each of these things walk in.

The best decision we have ever made was the first road trip we went on, because it gave us a taste of what is out there, it lead to us spending this month in the national parks, and to our plan to live on the road beginning next year. We have built our lifestyle around enjoying the blessing and gift of earth and life.

There is so much more than we can put into words of what these places do for humanity; only after a trip of your own will you come to truly understand how important and special a trip like this is. It continues to be one of the greatest tragedies of life, to see people leave this world every day without ever really seeing what it has to offer.


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