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Updated: Jul 21

Live Your Every Day

Welcome to our page and thanks for checking it out! We're here because over the past few years we've had some important decisions to make, that have fortunately lead us to where our lives our right now. We are beyond grateful, happy, and humbled at the life we get to live. When we first met we dreamed of living on the road, traveling the world, and maybe doing something like photography to pay the bills for us to get from place to place. At the time it was just a fun idea, and felt like a dream, but over the next few years we became overwhelmingly aware of the amount of 40-80 year olds who said things like, "I wish I would have done that when I was your age", and thats when we began to truly talk about the future.

We realized as we talked about what we wanted out of life, that all of the things the world would have us step into ( a 9-5 job because it pays well, saving for a house, grinding in your 20's to have a good career. in your 30's or maybe 40's and an endless list of other stuff), were none of the things that bring us even an ounce of joy. We decided in that moment that we refuse to live for the expectations of the world, and from that point on we were going to live every day for exactly what it is;

A blessing beyond measure that should humble every heart beat of our day.

We currently live 2 miles from the beach in San Juan Capistrano, and we have a trailer we are renovating, to live in next year while we travel the U.S. and visit all the national parks in the lower 48!

Please understand that we are not trying to get you to leave everything and live on the road. That is simply what makes us "tick", and happens to be our point of expertise. You will see on our blog content to help you get out into nature, national parks, and traveling in general, as well as things that have helped us realize what is truly important in life; things that have lead us to live the life that we are now living.

What we want is for more people to be able to recognize that the life you desire, the life that makes you "tick" is not as far away as it may seem sometimes. To recognize that the things you are driving after; a job you hate, the painful relationships you resent, the pressures from society or your parents & friends, are all empty promises of happiness. As a generation we have stepped into this and allowed it to shape us. It's ruled our lives and created a culture of depression, pain, and the need to always have something more. So whether it's hitting the road and visiting the national parks, or it's selling software, or anything between....

Our goal is this;

  • that you would begin to LIVE. no longer just merely survive

  • that you would THRIVE. taking advantage of every moment & opportunity

  • and that you would begin to CHANGE. the lives of the people around you as you create the life you have the opportunity to live.

We look forward to sharing more with you and hearing your stories! Please DM us or leave a comment telling us about yourself and your journey!

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