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city stars

As we sit on the beach I look up in search of stars. At first glance I see nothing but an orange glow. I become frustrated with the city, the cars, the people. Industrial development has rid the city of a night sky. The light pollution turns night back into evening, the sound of the highway overwhelms the nature of my soul. But for a moment I stop and see. In the middle of two clouds of light there is a circle, about the size of a quarter from where I am, that holds a couple of stars. It’s clear from the light and I focus on it. The sound of the highway becomes drowned out by the sound of crashing waves. The light pollution becomes a mist, and my eyes are fixed on what I want to see. A sky untamed by the consequences of human development. A beach untouched by iPads & umbrellas. An unpolluted breeze crossing our face. I’m reminded that at the center of our lives we have a decision to make. To see what we want to see, or to see what everyone else wants to put in our face. I’m reminded that running to another city presents a new problem to find. That hiding our beliefs, forms new ones built by the opinions of others. That focusing on the noise, actually makes it louder; when we intend to see clearly, the glow disappears, the noise quiets, and the stars can be seen again. Leaving the city is not a problem, but running from it is. As we learn to see the beauty of the city, & the people that live in it, we become prepared and able to see the beauty of the wild.

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