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13 National Parks & 8 States

We had a request to share a post about our honeymoon; the route we took, the parks we saw, the length of it, pro's con's and what we would do differently..... so here it is!

For our honeymoon we did a road trip through 7 states in the U.S. plus a few days in Alberta, Canada and got to experience 13 national parks. We did this over the course of about 27 days, and got to experience living on the road for almost a month. It was by far the most incredible month of our lives, and we can't wait to get on the road again soon!

Lets Do it!!

The Route

We got married in Coeur d'Alene ID, which is at the very top of Idaho so this is what made the most sense for us. We didn't have more than a month otherwise we would have spent about 10-14 days going through Washington and Vancouver as well!

*these are in order so if you want you could literally plug them into google maps and do this exact road trip*

  1. Banff National Park (on our way here we drove through Kootenay National Park)

  2. Yoho National Park

  3. Jasper National Park

  4. Glacier National Park

  5. Yellowstone National Park

  6. Grand Tetons National Park

  7. Casper Wyoming for some of the best fly fishing in the country

  8. Boulder, CO (took a two night break from the tent and explored the city)

  9. Colorado National Monument

  10. Arches National Park

  11. Canyonlands National Park

  12. Monument Valley

  13. Grand Canyon National Park

  14. Bryce Canyon National Park

  15. Zion National Park

  16. Joshua Tree National Park

  17. Palm Springs

  18. Paso Robles

  19. San Jose

So this is the exact route we took and it is long and daunting but depending on where you live, you can take 2-5 of these parks and plan a road trip around just those and it'll be an amazing trip!

#1-4 would be for people in the PNW and surrounding area

#5-8 is anyone around Wyoming Colorado, or northern Utah

#9-15 is anyone in the southwest, northern Utah, or Colorado area.

Now most of you are probably thinking, "what the heck am I supposed to do in each park?" great question! We are currently working on getting posts up about each individual park and what to do there as well as a guide to which parks are best for different activity levels and abilities! These should be up shortly but if you have immediate questions please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help you out!

Some fun Highlights of our trip:

  1. We saw 13 bears (none of which were on a trail)

  2. Josh was afraid of heights until we had lunch on a 2500 foot cliff at the top of Glacier National Park

  3. We got charged by a big horn sheep on a thousand foot cliff with a 3-foot wide trail

  4. We got a free professional photoshoot in Banff national park (still one of the most epic things we've ever experienced)

  5. Josh had a heat stroke and low-key almost died in Utah because we got stuck without water about 5 miles out around 12:30 (102 degrees out)

  6. Josh Almost had to dive in the water to save a girls life while her boyfriend watched her nearly drown. (she grabbed onto a rock and was a rock climber, so she could pull her self out, but she didn't know how to swim)

  7. We saw thousands of bison and elk (check the pic below)

  8. We saw the Milky Way for the first time (it was really light we are already figuring out how to see it in full effect ASAP)

Pro's of this trip are easy: it was unbelievably beautiful, we got to experience incredible places, face some fears, and see what the U.S. and some of Canada have to offer.

Cons: It ended, thats why we are trying to move onto the road for longer

Things we would do differently?

Probably extend it if at all possible. We would have LOVED to see Washington, its still one of our top states to explore that we have actually never been to, so we were bummed we couldn't do that, but it really was the best trip we could have ever taken, no complaints here!


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