the road 

 less traveled



take a trip.

get outside your comfort zone.

do something wild.

Have a special trip coming up? or just want to make a memory? Lifestyle photography is by far our favorite way to interact with our clients. We firmly believe that a photo session should not be that at all. It should be an experience that we happened to capture on camera. So thats exactly what we are going to do. We will plan a trip together, anywhere from an afternoon, to a week or longer and we are going to have an experience. If you are looking for a specific posed session you can check out our couples sessions, but we highly suggest thinking about going down this road. You will leave with photos in the moment, photos that capture real emotion, photos that spark memories and THAT is the goal of our photography. That in 20 years when you open your photo album you'd be laughing, and yes even crying, because the photos you're looking at bring you right back to the moment you created amazing memories with some complete strangers, and your dog, or partner, or family. Think of us as a friend with a camera. If you're adventurous, outgoing, or just want to try something new and go do something awesome, this is for you!

get outside.

make something happen.


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