we started this weekend out by meeting up in bryce canyon national park, because why not when you're going to southern utah? we spent the night around the campfire staring up at the stars, and having conversations about the lives we live and where we are headed; dreams, failures, futures. something about sitting around a campfire seems to open the doors for real conversation, its one of my favorite things about being in the wild. we woke up and hiked among the hoodoos, walking through a place that made us feel like we were on a different planet. then we stopped at a burger shack and headed to zion! Cassie and brennon trusted us with finding an epic spot to shoot this session and we knew exactly where to do it. this is one of the most beautiful views in all of zion and its a short hike up. we got up well before the sun and hiked up to the overlook. from the minute we got to the parking lot the moments felt special. these two love the outdoors, they're willing to go the extra mile to get to the wild, to get into the silence, and we could see that through this trip. watching them fall in love on the side of this cliff and see their personalities come alive as the sun rose on our backs brings new passion & new purpose to our work. theres something so special about sharing these places with the ones you love most in life. to see a part of the world most people don't even know exists, and to experience the peace of hearing nothing but the wind and the melting of the morning dew. we grew so fond of this couple over this trip and got a glimpse into what their lives look like, the love they share, and the memories they seek to create. theres more to know than just words, seeing the reactions & interactions with each other in this special place told us all we could ever know about them.